Tenebrys needs you !!!

2014-03-06 07:51:26 by Tenebrys

Who is Tenebrys ?

I am a game developer, I have a computer engineer diploma from Epiteck, Paris, France. I love games with adult, RPG and Tactical elements. I’m training my Flash AS3 skill.


Games and Projects

Actual games and projects are for my practice. My goal is to do better and better games! Every new project is a challenge, an occasion to learn more. So please be patient and encourage me : Your comments are very important. I will be releasing a maximum of quality games over the next years.


Why should I support your work? And how could I do it?

Support my work please! I want my games and website to be 100% free. But that doesn’t mean I want to work for free ! Developing games is my only activity, I have no other money income.

The advertisements are not working, the income is too low (less than 1US$ / week).

If you like my games, and if you’d like me to make more, consider giving me a dollar (or however much you like) per month, pretty please ?

If I don’t get enough patrons, my website and my games are going to die.

The alpha and beta releases of my games may become patron only if I don’t get enaugh patrons by the end of the month.


♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much for your support ! ♥ ♥ ♥